People For Educational Equality Presents
A Benefit for Lahaina Tutoring
Sponsored by aina nalu Charitable Foundation

Teach a child


The homeowners of Aina Nalu are holding a fundraiser for the ‘Lahaina Complex After School Enrichment Tutor Project.’  This wine & pupus and Silent Auction event is to be held in the Aina Nalu pavilion located on the property at 660 Wainee Street in Lahaina Town on Friday, May 25, 2013 from 6 to 9 pm.


The goal is to raise $20,000 to help financially sustain this tutoring project that dramatically and effectively makes a big difference in the lives of hundreds of students in West Maui each year.  The tutoring project’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of our students and to build Maui’s future, one child at a time.  It is offered at no cost to students and staffed by volunteer tutors.  There is no guaranteed sustaining sponsor for this successful volunteer project, so the annual search for financial support that will help sustain the program is challenging.


In addition, they have added a new innovative program this year.  “The measurements of success of the program showed significant improvements in the children’s test scores, especially in reading,” founder and manager Pat Endsley said. “We wanted to accelerate the growth in math scores as we have done in reading.  After some investigation it was determined there was a lack in basic skills.  So we decided to bring in a pilot program for 4th and 6th grade Math students called ‘Beyond the Basics’ to help build up those skills.  In order to make a difference in this school year required bringing in the training for the volunteers now.  Since this fell outside the normal grant process schedule, it did not get any incremental funding this year.”


All donations and proceeds from this Aina Nalu event will directly benefit the program to help defray their costs.  Tickets are available now for $50 per person -- that covers pupus, entertainment, 2 glasses of wine and a commemorative wine glass.  Any further donations are welcomed either in advance or on the day of the event; please make checks payable to: ‘People for Educational Equality’. The Silent Auction will include many wonderful selections to choose from; all generously donated by individuals, artists, restaurants, hotels and other local businesses to support this worthy cause for the community. 


For further details and/or tickets please contact: Brandie at 512-565-5170 or Barbara at 808-344-5008


Teach a child to fish, eliminate starvation

Teach a child to read, create opportunity, eliminate poverty

Teach a child to understand, create peace
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Our kids want a good education; they just need a little help from their friends, especially you.

Please donate your time, money or both to the

Lahaina Complex Tutoring Program

PFEE Mission
- To assist and inspire community driven educational projects and improvements which are sustainable and can have a measurable impact on the schools or communities involved.

PFEE is seeking local community based educational programs at schools that are challenged and under achieving by some measure.  They may lack resources, have budget constraints, need some fresh ideas or models to follow or all of the above to help their kids.  Whether they need resources like tables, books, calculators and pens - or money and support, PFEE aims to make sure that every child in the USA gets an equal chance to get a quality education. 

PFEE gives resources directly to programs that serve schools in need and is researching how to "clone" existing successful programs into other cities that desperately need help and have the community support and will to make it happen.
So, if you can help, please do.  If you or a school you know of needs help, contact us.  If you know of a great program that can be cloned, contact us.
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Our kids want a good education; they just need a little help from their friends, especially you.

Make your donation to the Lahaina Complex After School Enrichment Tutor Project

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